Stuff to pack in our trip to Playa del Carmen

August 18, 2009 at 8:55 am

What you should not forget at all is your passport, it is essential to enter and leave Mexico and must have at least a period of six months. If you don´t have yours ready go get it in time to avoid possible delays. Once there you must sign a paper from the Mexican immigration authorities that you should not lose, because you must show to the exit.

Regarding to the clothing you must not forget that the average annual temperature in that area is around 25 degrees, with maximum fluctuations between 5 and 7 degrees, with high humidity levels which may be tough for you to get used the first few hours. So it is best to wear clothing with the typical summer jacket or long-sleeved shirt if the weather gets a bit cooler, something unlikely in general. Sometimes we are surprised by an occasional heavy rain, so pack a light raincoat.

Don´t forget we´re going to the Caribbean when stuffing your shoes. But beware there is a good choice of routes, so you should wear a good walking shoes if your intention is to enter into the abundant forests or close to the many archaeological excavations and monuments of the ancient Maya, sure that what you end up doing even if you had not already planned, as the special magic of the Mayan culture motivate us to do so.

We recommend using sunscreen and some kind of mosquito repellent. You can take them home, but you can also buy them there, because there are many modern shopping malls. And a hat or a cap for the sun, of course, because the sun is abundant in the Riviera Maya.

Mexico TM Grupo InmobiliarioAnother thing that might be interesting to pack is a pair of glasses to practice snorkel. There are many places where you can practice this type of diving, because the seabed of the Riviera Maya is one of its main attractions. If you are going to practice more than once the snorkel we recommend you to take yours to avoid having to rent them every time you want to practice.

Something you can bring is also a useful outlet plug adapter round (ours) to pin flat (for them). In general, the accommodations have an outlet, but is not guaranteed. And while some hotels are getting electricity to 220v, there is normal 110v power. Digital cameras or mobile are supposed to be provided with shippers prepared for both strains, so you should not have problems in this regard. The only problem is that the battery 110v takes double time here to be recharged. Some travelers recommend, if you are using multiple devices with charger, to carry a converter 110v to 220v.

Before booking for this heavenly place, we recommend you to visit travel guides so you plan in advance the places you wish to visit. It is also advisable to have a good map of the area in which we will move to have real identified the distances to the places we want to visit. Thanks to Internet we can be provided a big quantity of information on everything you need to take our trip. It is imperative not to leave too much room for improvisation because we will be thousands of miles from home in a non-familiar place with very different social and cultural patterns. The more knowledge we have, the more we will enjoy the journey.


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