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August 24, 2010 at 4:16 pm

Due to the interest shown by owners because the starting of Rental Pool Program, we are providing a list of frequently asked questions that may be useful to clarify doubts that you might have:

When will start running the Rental Pool 5-year contract?

The contract will start running on October 1st 2010, the day that the hotel will start operation.

When will start my 8 weeks to enjoy?

They will be starting from October 1st  2010, ending on December 31st, 2011.

The first fiscal year will consist of 15 months. Therefore it will be an apportionment of weeks, which will consist of 10 weeks of enjoyment for the period of 15 months.

How does the 5,000 USD voucher work? When will I receive it and use it?

This voucher will be for the amount of 5.000 USD per year and will be valid for the corresponding fiscal year. It can be transferred to friends or relatives and can be used in any of the services offered directly by the hotel.
Members have a discount of 20% in all the services and it also applies to the use of the voucher.
This voucher can not be carried over to the following year.
This bonus will be considered as payment in advanced of benefits.
Outsourced services are not included.

The first year is required to use these 5,000 USD voucher of consumption.
The second and third year the use of these voucher may be reduced to 3,000 USD of consumption.
The voucher will be delivered from October 2010, when the visit takes place. Or may be delivered to a relative or friend prior written consent.

This voucher will expire on December 31st 2011.

Can I assign my condo more than 8 weeks to the Rental Pool?

The member will be allowed not to use the total of eight weeks, assigning the rental pool the property for its hotel operation. It is necessary a previous notification to the hotel as this will affect a greater benefit.

If it is necessary more nights than the eight weeks agreed, additional nights may be purchased at a rate of 80% of the public rate.
You can use the consumption vouchers for this payment

Can I assign to the Rental Pool the use of only one or two bedrooms of my condo during my eight weeks of enjoyment?

Yes, it does exist the possibility of having the property partially available a certain number of nights for the pool, the following regulations will apply:

Three bedrooms properties: suite will be calculated in a 60% and a 20% each one of the two Standard rooms.

Two bedrooms properties:
suite will be calculated in a 70% and a 30% the Standard room.
Also It is necessary a previous notification to the hotel.
Hotel occupancy and profitability

The benefit does not depend on the occupancy of a specific condominium, it depends on the overall occupancy Rental Pool, being likewise a safer and more transparent business, benefiting from higher return those members  who leave for the hotel operation his unit in high season.

Are the extra benefits, for being part of the Advantage Owners Club, transferable to relatives or friends?

These benefits are only applicables to the owner during their 8 week stay. There are not transferable. And they will be valid only for fiscal years 2011-2012.
Transfers are valid only if the owner is traveling, with a maximum of 6 services per year for 6 people.

The birthday bonus only applies when the owner is in the complex on his birthday. It is valid only one bonus per year per condominium.

The extra condo for friends and relatives will be for the maximum a period of 1 week.
We hope this information is helpful. Either way, feel free to contact us and we will gladly explain you in detail any of these matters.

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