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Paving access to the Xcalacoco Beach

In order to improve vehicular and pedestrian access to Xcalacoco Beach and to The Fives Resort, we are working paving all the area eliminating the old road. It will be completely paved from the Federal Highway to the entrance of the Resort. 

The Motor Lobby will become a large plaza and will be framed with an innovative solar lighting system and coconut palms that will enhance the architectural design of the Resort, with spaces allocated for busses and taxi stand section. 

This work will be completely finished for the day of starting hotel operations, this action will greatly benefit for owners and users, improving the image and giving and extra value of the housing complex.


September 18, 2010 at 5:58 pm

The Fives gardens are fully colored

The Fives are still working in the landscaping. We started planting  35 coconut palms, which were distributed throughout the resort.
Now we continue this work planting 4 more palms in the Beach Club and we are remodeling the landscaping in the green areas of the Resort and at the entrance to each building.

The use of colors is one of the keys of any garden. The selection of plants and flowers is essential, whereby we have chosen a variety of ornamental plants and brightly colored flowers appropriate for exterior. Assorted green palms now are accompanied by yellow, red, pink and even purple glinks. Set of “Robellini Palm” accompanied by “Croton Petra” and “Rosa Laurel”. “Purple Maguey” have been planted in the main walkways, “Bella on Boat” have been planted in the stems of palm trees. “White Ficus” and “Dwarf Bougainvillea” hedges; “Rain of Gold”, “Red Dracena”, “Red Acalypha”, Varigato Tulip… An exquisite combination of vegetation which gets amazing effects giving a real touch of beauty with nice contrasts to the Resort.

September 7, 2010 at 9:37 pm



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