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THE FIVES clients should apply as soon as posible for their permission at SRE (Secretaria Relaciones Exterirores).

Dear THE FIVES client,

As we mentioned early this month the Condo Regime is signed and ready to go ahead signing and tranfering the ownership to you at Public Notary.

Nevertheless, if you are not Mexican citizen, you should apply at SRE (Secretaria Relaciones Exteriores at Ciudad de Mexico) to receive the permision of your Fideicomiso. This permision will take around 2 weeks. Any deeds can be signed without this permision so please let’s coordinate togeher with your legal representant here in Playa del Carmen to coordinate all documents needed (this permision is given automatelly when duly well apply).    

Greetings and hope to hear soon from you.

THE FIVES Team in Playa del Carmen – Mexico.


October 31, 2009 at 3:58 pm

Governor of Quintana Roo Mr. Feliz Gonzalez Canto meets TM Real Estate Group Directors.

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that earlier this week TM Real Estate Group´s managers met Mr. Feliz Gonzalez Canto, governor of Quintana Roo, to personally introduce TM Real Estate Group company and its project in THE FIVES at Playa del Carmen.

Governor Mr. Gonzalez Canto was delighted by taking a look at the brochures and actual project photos, he said he wish many investors / developers like TM Real Estate Group to succeed at Quintana Roo State and so buyers and customers can enjoy their property and all tourist attractions in the Riviera Maya.

Mr. Governor Gonzalez Canto wanted to visit soon THE FIVES development, TM Real Estate executives agreed, willing to meet him there in future meetings.

Best regards from Quintana Roo

THE FIVES Team – Playa del Carmen – Mexico

October 2, 2009 at 4:28 pm

TM Real Estate Group increases economic investment in THE FIVES and there are 110 workers improving the quality of the entire resort.

In audit work performed on 2 September 2009, there were 110 workers of different areas working throughout the project THE FIVES. As you have already seen in the information provided on this blog 3 weeks ago, we have increased the workforce from 70 workers to its current 110.

TM Real Estate Group goes on with its goal of finishing the hotel and improving the quality of the condos. Work is ongoing in many areas but in particular it is acting in 7 condos owned by customers who have already paid 100% of its price, who have already enjoyed it, and that brought us a list of improvements.

We want to also confirm that THE FIVES Hotel & Private Residences offers an emergency diesel powered electric plant that could automatically start in 13 seconds in case it would be necessary to restore electric drop of the CFE Mexican public supply.

We are still given assistance to all buyers and we look forward to fulfill the expectations of the customer at this beautiful resort.

THE FIVES Team in Playa del Carmen – Mexico

September 4, 2009 at 5:00 pm

TM Real Estate Group Attorneys interviewing Secretary of State for the Economy of Quintana Roo Mr. Francisco Antonio Alor Quezada and confirm support for private investors.

Quintana Roo - TM Grupo Inmobiliario

TM Real Estate Group received a new institutional support in a personal interview on August 28. This time the Secretary of State for the Economy of Quintana Roo Mr. Alor Quezada supports TM Real Estate Group in its objective of investing to complete the development and opening of THE FIVES and the AZUL FIVES Hotel.

Mr. Alor Quezada also confirmed appointment with the TM Real Estate Group Directors, Mr. Abel Garcia Gomez and Mr. Joaquin Serna Lorente, on their next trip to Mexico planned for the 1st week of October 2009, showing great interest in a personal visit to THE FIVES.

This is the second institutional support received from the Mexican authorities to TM Real Estate Group adding to the one you may already know held by the Ambassador of Mexico Mr. Zermeño in Madrid – Spain last month.

Best regards

THE FIVES Team in Playa del Carmen – Mexico

September 1, 2009 at 3:08 pm

The Mexican Ambassador in Spain, HE Mr. Zermeño, offers institutional support to TM Real Estate Group with their projects in Mexico:- THE FIVES in Playa del Carmen – Quintana Roo.

On Thursday 20th August 2009 TM Real Estate Group Directors Abel Garcia and Joaquin Serna attended a meeting in Madrid with the Mexican Ambassador in Spain, HE Mr. Zermeño.

Embajador de Mexico en España con Abel Garcia y Joaquin Serna

Joaquin Serna presented the TM Real Estate Group company and details of all its current real estate projects on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, located in Alicante, Valencia, Mallorca and Murcia before moving on to list the various cultural activities planned to celebrate the company´s 40th anniversary.

Company Vice-president, Abel Garcia, explained the institutional needs that TM Real Estate Group have in Mexico and particularly in Playa del Carmen with its project THE FIVES.

“An essential part of our department´s business plan is to help companies like TM Real Estate Group to achieve success through their investments in our country and that these investments bring tourists to the Riviera Maya and create jobs for Mexican citizens” said Mr. Zermeño, the Mexican Ambassador.

Directores de TM Grupo Inmobiliario en Embajada de Mexico en MadridIn front of Amassador Zermeño, TM vice-president Abel Garcia reiterated the company´s commitment to finish THE FIVES development with an early opening of the hotel, which will then be followed by further real estate investments in Mexico.

The meeting ended with a commitment on both sides to remain in touch so that the Embassy can provide the help needed to complete the investments that are positive both for private companies such as TM Real Estate Group and also for the people of Mexico.

August 21, 2009 at 2:59 pm 2 comments

Stuff to pack in our trip to Playa del Carmen

What you should not forget at all is your passport, it is essential to enter and leave Mexico and must have at least a period of six months. If you don´t have yours ready go get it in time to avoid possible delays. Once there you must sign a paper from the Mexican immigration authorities that you should not lose, because you must show to the exit.

Regarding to the clothing you must not forget that the average annual temperature in that area is around 25 degrees, with maximum fluctuations between 5 and 7 degrees, with high humidity levels which may be tough for you to get used the first few hours. So it is best to wear clothing with the typical summer jacket or long-sleeved shirt if the weather gets a bit cooler, something unlikely in general. Sometimes we are surprised by an occasional heavy rain, so pack a light raincoat.

Don´t forget we´re going to the Caribbean when stuffing your shoes. But beware there is a good choice of routes, so you should wear a good walking shoes if your intention is to enter into the abundant forests or close to the many archaeological excavations and monuments of the ancient Maya, sure that what you end up doing even if you had not already planned, as the special magic of the Mayan culture motivate us to do so.

We recommend using sunscreen and some kind of mosquito repellent. You can take them home, but you can also buy them there, because there are many modern shopping malls. And a hat or a cap for the sun, of course, because the sun is abundant in the Riviera Maya.

Mexico TM Grupo InmobiliarioAnother thing that might be interesting to pack is a pair of glasses to practice snorkel. There are many places where you can practice this type of diving, because the seabed of the Riviera Maya is one of its main attractions. If you are going to practice more than once the snorkel we recommend you to take yours to avoid having to rent them every time you want to practice.

Something you can bring is also a useful outlet plug adapter round (ours) to pin flat (for them). In general, the accommodations have an outlet, but is not guaranteed. And while some hotels are getting electricity to 220v, there is normal 110v power. Digital cameras or mobile are supposed to be provided with shippers prepared for both strains, so you should not have problems in this regard. The only problem is that the battery 110v takes double time here to be recharged. Some travelers recommend, if you are using multiple devices with charger, to carry a converter 110v to 220v.

Before booking for this heavenly place, we recommend you to visit travel guides so you plan in advance the places you wish to visit. It is also advisable to have a good map of the area in which we will move to have real identified the distances to the places we want to visit. Thanks to Internet we can be provided a big quantity of information on everything you need to take our trip. It is imperative not to leave too much room for improvisation because we will be thousands of miles from home in a non-familiar place with very different social and cultural patterns. The more knowledge we have, the more we will enjoy the journey.

August 18, 2009 at 8:55 am


Dear clients, we would like to inform you about the following news at THE FIVES today 12 August 2009.

At the moment around 65 people as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, floor workers, window workers, etc are improving the condos at THE FIVES.

Also around 35 employees of Karisma are maintaining the communal areas as pools, green areas and also cleaning daily the condos and communal areas of the villas.

Also 24 hours security is established as well as Sky TV, wireless internet, water, electricity and all base services of a condo.

We go ahead in our plans to improve the development and opening the hotel next winter.

Greetings and hope you like those news.

The FIVES Team in Playa del Carmen – Mexico

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August 12, 2009 at 10:12 am 2 comments

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