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Governor of Quintana Roo Mr. Feliz Gonzalez Canto meets TM Real Estate Group Directors.

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that earlier this week TM Real Estate Group´s managers met Mr. Feliz Gonzalez Canto, governor of Quintana Roo, to personally introduce TM Real Estate Group company and its project in THE FIVES at Playa del Carmen.

Governor Mr. Gonzalez Canto was delighted by taking a look at the brochures and actual project photos, he said he wish many investors / developers like TM Real Estate Group to succeed at Quintana Roo State and so buyers and customers can enjoy their property and all tourist attractions in the Riviera Maya.

Mr. Governor Gonzalez Canto wanted to visit soon THE FIVES development, TM Real Estate executives agreed, willing to meet him there in future meetings.

Best regards from Quintana Roo

THE FIVES Team – Playa del Carmen – Mexico

October 2, 2009 at 4:28 pm

TM Real Estate Group Attorneys interviewing Secretary of State for the Economy of Quintana Roo Mr. Francisco Antonio Alor Quezada and confirm support for private investors.

Quintana Roo - TM Grupo Inmobiliario

TM Real Estate Group received a new institutional support in a personal interview on August 28. This time the Secretary of State for the Economy of Quintana Roo Mr. Alor Quezada supports TM Real Estate Group in its objective of investing to complete the development and opening of THE FIVES and the AZUL FIVES Hotel.

Mr. Alor Quezada also confirmed appointment with the TM Real Estate Group Directors, Mr. Abel Garcia Gomez and Mr. Joaquin Serna Lorente, on their next trip to Mexico planned for the 1st week of October 2009, showing great interest in a personal visit to THE FIVES.

This is the second institutional support received from the Mexican authorities to TM Real Estate Group adding to the one you may already know held by the Ambassador of Mexico Mr. Zermeño in Madrid – Spain last month.

Best regards

THE FIVES Team in Playa del Carmen – Mexico

September 1, 2009 at 3:08 pm

The Mexican Ambassador in Spain, HE Mr. Zermeño, offers institutional support to TM Real Estate Group with their projects in Mexico:- THE FIVES in Playa del Carmen – Quintana Roo.

On Thursday 20th August 2009 TM Real Estate Group Directors Abel Garcia and Joaquin Serna attended a meeting in Madrid with the Mexican Ambassador in Spain, HE Mr. Zermeño.

Embajador de Mexico en España con Abel Garcia y Joaquin Serna

Joaquin Serna presented the TM Real Estate Group company and details of all its current real estate projects on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, located in Alicante, Valencia, Mallorca and Murcia before moving on to list the various cultural activities planned to celebrate the company´s 40th anniversary.

Company Vice-president, Abel Garcia, explained the institutional needs that TM Real Estate Group have in Mexico and particularly in Playa del Carmen with its project THE FIVES.

“An essential part of our department´s business plan is to help companies like TM Real Estate Group to achieve success through their investments in our country and that these investments bring tourists to the Riviera Maya and create jobs for Mexican citizens” said Mr. Zermeño, the Mexican Ambassador.

Directores de TM Grupo Inmobiliario en Embajada de Mexico en MadridIn front of Amassador Zermeño, TM vice-president Abel Garcia reiterated the company´s commitment to finish THE FIVES development with an early opening of the hotel, which will then be followed by further real estate investments in Mexico.

The meeting ended with a commitment on both sides to remain in touch so that the Embassy can provide the help needed to complete the investments that are positive both for private companies such as TM Real Estate Group and also for the people of Mexico.

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Update – July 22nd

encabezado newsletter1

encabezado fotos

Dear Client:

Continuing with our commitment to inform you about the REALITY of The Fives project, we wish to communicate THE FOLLOWING FACTS:


From this past weekend the suppliers and contractors of the project are coming back to labors. We consider opportune to inform you that these labors will be made step by step, staggered and in a planned way. Always looking for not to interfere in the daily life of all of you who live in or visit The Fives.

To do these labors in an ordered way, we have increased the number of t security employees and we have the support of the personnel of Karisma. RESPONDING TO YOUR REQUEST OF IMPROVING THE SECURITY OF YOUR CONDOS, WE HAVE REINFORCED AND/OR MODIFIED THE FRONT DOORS LIKE THE “SLIDING DOORS” OF THE TERRACES * FOR GREATER TRANQUILLITY OF ALL.

These labors will be concentrated mainly in the completion and detailed on the interiors of the condominiums, as well as the adjustment, maintenance and optimization of systems like air conditioning, hydraulic pumps, and other facilities.

Proof of this are the following pictures :





Our commitment is, to send a new official notice before July 10th.

Kind regards

Miguel Angel Rico
Commercial Director.

Avenida 10 Norte esq. 14 bis, Plaza Comercial Vía Tendenza,
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México. C.P. 77710
Tel.: +52 984 879 3819

Camino Vecinal de Xcalacoco,
Predio El Limonar, Playa del Carmen,
Q. Roo. México. C.P. 77710

logo tm fives

July 22, 2009 at 10:00 pm

Opening Azul Fives

Logo Azul the fives

encabezado fotos

Dear Owner:

The management and staff at the Fives Hotel & Private Residences, operating as Azul Fives Hotel, have been working very hard over these past few months to ensure that the hotel and residences will offer you the very best amenities and service. In order to meet this high standard of quality, the grand opening of the hotel has been postponed.

We would like to thank you for your patience. All owners in the rental pool who stay in their condos prior to the grand opening of the hotel, may do so without counting that stay as part of their eight weeks this year.

We will be announcing the grand opening date of our innovative resort and hotel to you in the very near future and look forward to completely satisfying your expectations at that time.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact The Fives team:

  • Sales Agents: Marisol Borbolla and Ana Belén Ferrite.
  • Closing coordinators: Ramón Grau and César Bernard.
  • Commercial Director: Miguel Angel Rico.

Best Regards,

Miguel Angel Rico,
Commercial Director.

Avenida 10 Norte esq. 14 bis, Plaza Comercial Vía Tendenza,
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México. C.P. 77710
Ph.: +52 984 879 3819

Camino Vecinal de Xcalacoco,
Predio El Limonar, Playa del Carmen,
Q. Roo. México. C.P. 77710

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